What are the different ways to communicate with the AtmanCo team?

 Absolutely! Our customer success team is on stand by to help you with your questions. Simply click on the “conversat...

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Managing your Tags

A tag is a marker system that allows you to organize your profiles. You can have an unlimited amount of tags and you ...

Managing your Workspaces

A workspace is used in the AtmanPro platform to allow you to organize your profiles in different folders. Workspaces ...

Users Management

Note: To invite a new user to your account, you must be an Administrator of the account. If you aren't sure who has t...

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I lost my password, how do I reset it ?

In order to simply reset your password, simply click on the “forgot your password” button on the login page (as seen ...

How do I create a new user or administrator to my account?

In order to create a new user or administrator to your account, follow the instructions below: Click on the Settings...

Where can I find my invoices?

All purchases are confirmed via an invoice sent to your inbox. If you cannot find an invoice, please contact us.

What language is the platform and results available in?

The platform and results are available in French and English. In order to choose your preferred language, navigate to...

How to delete a profile or user access and is it permanent?

Deleting a candidate or a user is a permanent action that cannot be reversed. However, you can always re-add a candid...